Don't Forget These Little Spaces for Paint

September 10, 2017

There has always been in the everyday of home improvement a means to repaint a room. Repainting gives a space a new light and feeling when occupying it. We constantly look to painting a room as a way to give that space its own identity, But... have you ever neglected certain small spaces when repainting. A lot of times we do naturally because these spaces are visually not seen or not as important to entertain in on a everyday basis. Here are a list of small spaces to give a little care to when repainting your home:


1. Entryway. This is the first impression of a home's exterior and front door. Realtors call this curb appeal. If your home has a formal entry then paint colors should be one or two shades darker than the next room. If your home has a more open feel to it then paint a bold color to define the entry space. 


2. Half Baths. Look around your home for spots of color that crop up in your art or drapes and use that shade for the bases to paint your half bath. 


3. Bookshelf. Remove the shelves from the surround and paint the back wall of the case. Don't be afraid to go bold with your paint color. 


4. Closet. With a small or medium sized closet keep your color choices bright and light. With walk-in closets consider using paint color that compliment the attached room. Make sure you use a oil base paint for durability. 


5. Hallways. Consider colors in connecting rooms and then go one to two shades lighter. 


6. Accent Wall. Choose highlighting wall, such as areas behind the sofa or bed. Hang artwork to finish the design. 


7. Kitchen nooks & cranies. When space is limited go bold and use colors that offset room's and features. 


8. Laundry Room. Think of colors you would never use in the social areas of your home. Colors that would make you happy such as a playful orange. Bold Purple, or sunshine yellow. 




Binkey Lew

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