Quick tips to repair before listing!

December 15, 2018



Planning to list your home can be overwhelming. Especially when you have a million and one other staging tasks to complete before the big day! But keep in mind that it’s sometimes the small things that we tend to forget during all the ruckus that could cost us our potential sell. Here are a few things to remember to fix before listing your home off!

1. Fix any and all leaky faucets.

Now I know sometimes those lil buggers can pass you by but trust me the last thing anyone needs is a mold problem when looking into purchase your new home.

2. Inspect and touch up interior and exterior paint.

Trust me a great new coat of smooth paint goes a long way when trying to please buyers!

3. Fix any closet and cupboard doors, that don’t hang, open, or close well.

Keeping all door hardware usable will do perfectly in the eyes of a potential buyer.

4. Replace any broken light fixtures or bulbs.

Having a great abundance of light in a room makes any viewer get a grand idea of the space to be used when they plan on living in the property. Light is inviting, light is vibrant, light is everything!

Remember don’t take the small stuff for granted. It can prove worthy in itself in the long run when trying to sell to buyers. A little love and care in the right places can show a lot into the home for the next viewer that stops by. So tend to them well!

- The Young Stager 💕 





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