Fur babies & Staging

February 15, 2019


We all love our pets and we want them to feel as happy and free all year round. A lot of things that can haunt a home from being sold is due to unsatisfying pet smells. So a homeowners tough decision comes from finding a suitable place for their fur babies during open houses. Here are a few tips that can help you whether you were planning on showing the home with you still occupied or vacant in order to properly sell your house.

Occupied? don't worry here’s what you can do:
1. Ensure that litter boxes and cages are cleaned out promptly. Keeping this clean will help the house smell fresh and out of unwanted odors that can stray the potential new homeowners away.

2. Put food dishes in less prominent spots. Keeping these in locations like outside the back door or inside neatly placed in a corner of the kitchen helps with being able to clean easily and swiftly in case of spills.

3. Reduce the number of toys lying around the house. The fewer toys placed makes it easy for cleaning when it comes time for a showing. I suggest keeping at most two or three. Also, have a basket ready to deposit the toys so that they are neatly stored.

4. Be vigilant about removing pet hair. The last thing you want is for pet hair to be all over the house and furniture. It can easily make a home feel dirty and neglected as well as trigger potential buyers allergies.

5. Air out the house as much as possible. Making sure all foul odors are removed from the house makes potential buyers satisfied and also shows that you take care of the house every day.

Vacant or just need the pet out of the house for the viewing. Here’s what you can do:
1. Doggy Day Care. Every pet loves a pampering. They will have lots of fun at a daycare running around and sleeping over with other dogs until you’ve moved into your new home.

2. Pet walking or sitting services. Sometimes paying some one for their friendly services to give your dog some fresh air is a great way to get the pet out of the home for enough time to show the house to potential buyers.

3. Asking friends to consider taking the pets for a while. Leaving your pets with someone you trust to watch them for a while is rest to sure that your furbaby is in a safe location until moving day.

4. Taking the family and pets up to a cottage during the weekends. A family trip away during showings is a fun get together and bonding time with the whole family and the pets. Makes your pet feel right at home being around its loving family.

I hope these tips treat you well and gets you ready and prepared for showing day!


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