How To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger!

July 14, 2020



Every home new homeowner will always search for a home with big rooms, but what if you're stuck with needing to make a small room appear bigger to your liking? Let's get into some cool neat tricks that could help you get the best results out of your small spaces. Think about these three main things that have impact for any space: Scale, Color, and Coherence. Let's discuss a little bit further shall we.


- Scale: using smaller furniture and small design motifs are better in scale than utilizing larger pieces which can take up more space than you already have to work with. 


- Color: Light colors make things seem bigger. In small rooms light colors draw the eyes to the background vs how dark colors draw the eyes back to the foreground view. In bathrooms we usually suggest dark colored walls due to that space being more private and intimate in character so you want the space to feel small and cozy. Bedrooms on the other hand need to feel big and welcoming no one likes to sleep feeling claustrophobic. 


Coherence: You know that unity (as opposed to diversity) is better when furniture shopping. You want things styled in a unified look so the room doesn't feel cluttered or dramatic and abstract which will draw the attention back to the space feeling cramped and small. 


A great solution to helping you achieve these goals would be adding mirrors. Mirrors are a great wall treatment that is more effective than any other in giving a room the illusion of greater size. In small spaces you might even consider mirroring facing walls.  This produces the effect of infinite space as one wall reflects the other. 


So next time don't feel overwhelmed with grief when you have a small room that needs fixing. Using these key tips could help you really jazz up the space in ways that could really be surprising. 



Binkey's Interiors 



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