Flaws You Can't Hide By Staging Your Home!

August 10, 2020


Are you planning to sell your home?


As a homeowner, you should consider staging services if you want to command a higher closing price, advises Haas Management. Professional home stagers can work wonders on the look and feel of your property without major renovations.


This isn't just for show. The benefits are tangible as you can boost the buyer's appeal and reach the sale more quickly. A reliable home stager will use knowledge from a variety of domains, including design and psychology, to get the most out of your home sale.


These are the typical benefits that a home stager can provide:


  • Maximize available space through smart rearrangement of furniture and personal belongings in your home

  • Depersonalize the living quarters as this will help your buyers to imagine themselves living in the property more easily

  • Declutter and remove unnecessary or antiquated items to make improve the look of your rooms


As you can see, home staging provides practical solutions for common pitfalls like clutter and too much personalization. But it's important to keep in mind that home staging is not a silver bullet for a host of other issues that make it harder to sell your property.


In this article, we are going over the major issues where home staging has no role to play. In order to fix these issues, you are better off hiring a professional dedicated to solving these particular problems.



1. Broken windows or torn screens












You can't use the power of home staging to improve the looks when you have torn screens or broken windows in your home. For instance, homeowners who hide these problems will create mistrust. It's not a good idea.


However, you can just take care of the torn screens with a DIY effort that demands six hours or less of your time. Repairing the broken windows will take more time and money. But when you factor in the final results, it's definitely worth the investment.



2. Foundation Issues


Buyers are extremely wary of any foundation problems. Most people know that structural issues may lead to considerable expenses due to the need for extensive repair procedures. This is an area where a home stager has no role to play.


Depending on the depth and extent of your foundation issues, you may get away with little fixes or have to put in more dollars. The entire home rests on its foundation, which is why these problems cannot be ignored.


Here are the major choices that you can choose between:


Repair then sell

The favored strategy is to repair the foundation problems well before driving the “For Sale” sign into the ground. That is because your stand to lose a lot of potential buyers when you have active foundation troubles. 


There is something essential you have to keep in mind here. Save all the receipts and documents you obtain during the repairs. You can show these papers to the interested buyers later.


Sell straight away with complete disclosure

Another strategy is selling a home with foundation problems. You need to be honest. Home inspections are more than likely to uncover any hidden trouble in any case. 


Selling a home with a broken foundation means that you need to offer a discount. Ideally, this discount should completely cover the associated costs of full repair.



3. Extensive Floor Damage



Sometimes home staging can help to sort out minor floor damages. For instance, should your flooring have some discolored areas or mild warping, a home stager could find some clever ways to cover that up. They could use vibrant rugs to enhance the atmosphere and cover the uglier areas as well.


But home staging isn't a serious solution for other types of floor damage. Creaking, bouncing, or shifting floors can't be dealt with the help of a home stager. The same goes for unwanted sounds like creaks and squeaks. Instead, you may have to replace the subfloor or take on other types of more serious repairs.




In a Nutshell: Flaws Home Stagers Cannot Hide

Home staging involves mostly activities that are related to design, decluttering, and depersonalization of your home. The main idea is to make your property look more attractive to potential buyers.


There are many areas where home staging can make a huge difference. It's a great way to boost the buyer's appeal and sell your home quicker and for a bigger profit. That said, there are major flaws that need other approaches instead of staging.


Foundation problems, broken windows, extensive floor damage, and torn screens are all significant issues that need proper repairs. After fixing the problems, your home may still benefit from home staging services.




Haas Management










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Flaws You Can't Hide By Staging Your Home!

August 10, 2020

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