Do's & Don'ts when prepping a home for Selling

August 30, 2017

When prepping a home for selling staging is key to the buyers that visit open houses. Its always best to keep in mind what is visually appealing that will make you say yes to the house. Here is a picture of a bedroom in the left photo the room is cluttered with many clothes and storage bins placed through out. You even loose sight of the bed which completely takes away the notion that this is a bedroom. This would not be a good photo to visually capture a buyer, in all honesty this is the number one scare that will keep your home on the market for months on in. Instead the photo on the right shows minor changes to make the room more appealing. As shown in the photo these tips change a room from looking in attractive to being attractive:


1) Removing all clutter and storage bins from the room. You want the room to look as spacious as possible and to give clear traffic to move in and through the space with ease.


2) Centering the bed on the window. Doing this give a focal point to the bedroom and to viewers when looking onto the room. 


3) Changing the bedding gives the room more sense of color to contrast with the mute tones on the walls. 


Bonus Tips:


1)Remove all personal books, binders, accessories, and  awards from the desk. Keeping the most minimal items such as the globe and table light. There are several reasons why depersonalizing a space is needed. The goal is to want the buyer to fantasize about spending their lives in their new home rather than being reminding that it belongs to someone else. 


2)Bonus Tip: Opening the blinds to let natural light in and keeping the lights on make the room look bright and airy. This is a big plus because people are naturally attracted to bright spaces. 


3)Bonus Tip: Removing the bin on the floor by the bed and paintings on the side of the wall. make the room look slightly cluttered. If you have space in a closet to kindly store them out of sight do so. Remember you want the room to look as spacious as possible for selling. 




Binkey Lew



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